Metal Cleaning

  • PCC 1225 – A heavy-duty acid cleaner, designed for etching and rust removal during pre-treatment.
  • PCC 312 – Slightly acidic, low-temperature cleaning solution for aluminum, zinc, and stainless steel. It attacks copper, brass and magnesium.
  • PCC 1404 – A medium-duty liquid alkaline cleaner with extremely good cleaning and rinsing characteristics. Can be used on aluminum and galvanized stock.
  • De-Rust – Proprietary combination of cutters and surfactants for exceptional cleaning & rust removal. Originally designed in 2010 in response to a customer request to clean parts that had been submerged during the flood.
  • PCC 1016LT – Low temperature, low foaming cleaner for use after metal-working operations to remove water-based lubricants.
  • PCC 1017LT – Higher pH version of PCC 1016LT.
    Rinse Aid 800 – Rinse aid for use after alkaline metal cleaning to improved surface cleanliness and corrosion resistance. Does not require additional “water-only” rinse stage.

This represents a small portion of total product portfolio. Our formulation chemists are ready to design the perfect customized solution for your specific needs. All products are formulated and manufactured at our Headquarters in Gallatin, TN.

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