Our Mission:

To be the best place to buy chemicals.

Our Values

Integrity – We will be open, honest, transparent, cooperative, and collaborative. No Politics.
Fairness – We will treat others the way we would have them treat us.
Grit – We will not give up, give out or give in as we relentlessly pursue our mission.
Knowledge – We will endeavor to become subject-matter experts in our chosen fields.
Wisdom – We apply our knowledge, intellect, and reasoning to determine the best outcome and the right means of achieving it.

What We Do

Power Chemical Corporation specializes in the custom formulation and manufacture of chemicals for all facets of the metal-working industry including cleaners, drawing & stamping compounds, cutting and grinding fluids, rust preventers, phosphatizers, rinse aids, pH control, testing soaps, and more.  We also maintain a broad line of general cleaning products for all areas of industrial plant operation – descaling, degreasing, and general equipment & facility cleaning

What We Can Do for You

We are committed to creating and delivering products that will improve safety, reduce environmental impact, and increase your profitability through:

Custom Formulations–  We create products specifically tailored to your process conditions and end-product requirements, closing the performance gap left by typical commodity products to improve your overall process efficiency.

Flexible & Responsive – We offer best-in-class lead times to allow you to reduce your working capital currently tied up in on-site raw material inventory.

Lean & Efficient – Our aggressive cost-management practices and efficient manufacturing operation allows us to provide superior products at extremely competitive pricing.

Our Commitments

Individual Excellence – More Willing, More Able, and More Focused than our competition

Corporate Excellence – More Organized, Less Wasteful, More Efficient than our competition

Execution – Getting it done better and sooner than our competition

Focus – Knowing what drives our customers and aligning our actions to support their efforts to achieve success – safety, environmental, social, and financial.

Customer Service: 615-451-2175
Sales: 901-849-4838
504 Steam Plant Rd., Gallatin TN, 37066
Power Chemical Corporation